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The Bournemouth Daily Echo
Saturday May 28, 1932

Shooting a film at Bournemouth

The Broken Swastika

Members of the Bournemouth Film Club (Crystal Productions) embarked upon an important phase in the history of the club on thursday evening when they commenced their second venture in film production by taking the indoor shots of "The Broken Swastica", a story by R.G.Torrens.

The theme centres around a lover and his fiancee, with whom he fell out. In a temper the girl goes for a car ride with another boy friend. From that time the girl disappears and is eventually found in a gipsy encampment following the discovery of a broken swastika, which it was known she had had repaired and was wearing at the time she vanished.

Thursday evening's operations took place at 85, Wimborne Road, Winton and three special lamps of 1,000 candle power each and one arc-lamp of 200 candle power were used.

The film is directed by Carol Hyde, and assistance in the make-up of the artists was given by a member of the English ballet. The heroine is enacted by Miss Dora Phillips and opposite her as her fiancee is Mr. Alec Buckmaster.

After several test shots had been taken and numerous difficulties overcome, the shots that will finally be incorporated in the film were successfully taken.

The actual photography was in the hands of Mr. Torrens.

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