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The Bournemouth Daily Echo
Saturday June 6th, 1932

Bournemouth's amateur film makers

Local amateur film stars went on location on Sunday.

The sunshine enabled members of the Bournemouth Film Club (Crystal Productions) to continue work on the film they are now producing "The Broken Swastika". The story for this was written by Mr. R.G.Torrens, the club's secretary, who is also acting as cameraman.

It is a drama with the rapid movement, essential to a film, and contains a number of indoor scenes, the first made by the club, which was only recently able to overcome the difficulties involved in obtaining sufficient lighting power. All the indoor scenes have been "shot", and on Sunday morning the cast assembled at their head-quarters, 85 Wimborne Road, Winton, to make a few odd outdoor shots. A visit was also made to Broadstone to plot out locations for some forest scenes.

In the afternoon the real business of the day was embarked upon.

The actors made up at a beach hut at Alum Chine for the photographing of a beach party, a scene essential to the story.

Holiday maker displayed interest in the proceedings, the scene demanding that the hero, played by Mr. Alec Buckmaster, should be vamped by Miss Vera Maskey, much to the annoyance of the heroine, Miss. Dora Phillips. Miss Carol Hyde is acting as producer.

The amateur cine movement should receive impetus from an exhibition being arranged by the British Association of Amateur Cinematographers, commencing on July 4th. Amateur films, including "Retribution", the thriller made by the Bournemouth club, will be shown, and a meting for those interested in the amateur movement will be held on July 7th.

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