Robert George Torrens, Biographical information

Robert George Torrens (RGT) was born in Youghal 1903.08.04. He grew up in Youghal where his father, John Morrison Torrens (JMT) (b.1877.03.11 and d.1944.02.22), ran the Chemists shop. JMT was a versatile person and RGT acquired many of his father's interests. There are several pictures of RGT, and of his father, in the Torrens photo archive.

Both JMT and RGT were interested in genealogy. JMT was named after his oldest uncle, but another uncle of his was resident in Brauidujle House (photos in the archive). This uncle was Dr Hugh Ranken Torrens (1845 - 1932) and it was his wife, Harriet Thompson (1866 - 1937) who compiled much of the family tree and who helped JW Kernohan research the tree for Jared Sidney Torrance. Much information on subject this is available in the Torrens Genealogy section of the site. The Torrens family tree is present elsewhere on this site.

One of the 'hats' a pharmacist wore at that time (the early 20th century) was that of a dentist and RGT saw from his father's work that there would always be a need for dentists. RGT was educated at Trinity College, Dublin where he studied dental surgery and obtained his qualifications - "B.A., B.D.Sc,. T.C.D.". However, after RGT obtained his degree he could well see that there was no future for him in Youghal so he settled in Bournemouth and quickly rose to a prominent position in his chosen profession.

As well as running his own surgery at "Woodside", 85 Wimborne Road, Winton, he was also a consultant maxilo-facial and dental surgeon with the Bournemouth hospitals. Interestingly that address is still a dental surgery though my father retired in 1969.

In his younger days, RGT was very interested in amateur dramatics and in prestidigitation. He was a member of the Magic Circle.

He married Margaret Gertrude Campbell 10th June 1939. She was a librarian at Boscombe library in Bournemouth. b. 1913.12.10 d. 2007.08.12

During the second world war RGT was in a reserved occupation and on many occasions was asked to do econstructive facial and dental surgery on injured soldiers.

Throughout his life, RGT retained a keen interest in cine photography and was a member of the Bournemouth Cine Club. The camera was also used for professional work, so he used a 16mm camera. Many of his cine film are now with the Wessex Film and Sound Archive.

RGT was a keen collector of cigarete and Trade cards and his entire collection of over 1500 sets is now being listed for sale.

Both JMT and RGT were interested is natural history, in particular fishes. RGT has an aquarium in his dental surgery, arranged so patients could watch it. He also has a heated cabinet full of aquaria in the waiting room. He was a founder member and chairman of the Bournemouth aquarist's Club.

RGT was a member of the Kinson (Bournemouth) Masonic Lodge and was though out his life interested in the occult. He wrote books on the subject.


RGT wrote several books and many papers:- I have copies of all four of the above.

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