Our cat Candy

Candy was born 5/5/2005 - an easy date to remember! We bought her at 8 weeks old and she was killed in a traffic accident 27th May 2006, only just a year old. She was also pregnant when we lost her. As the photos show, she was an exceedingly pretty kitten and cat. She also had a lovely personality!

Kittens, and active cats, can be exceedingly difficult to photograph but we have a few good ones of Candy!

Candy was one of the nicest cats I have known: it was she who taught me exactly how to train a cat to walking. With her, everything clicked into place and Candy was so good at it that she not only trained me, but also the wife and children! Although she was a little bit more wary of open places, noises and certain situations than are some of the other cats I have walked, we took her everywhere in the car and walked her often. But, approaching her second year, she had become a little more wary of more open places and of people. So we bought the pet carrier as a comfort for her. It was working fine, she'd treat it as a safe retreat and we had started taking her places we would not otherwise have been able to. Then tragedy: traffic accident! No more Candy. We were devastated! It took me well over a year and two new cats (Xanna and Misty) for the pain of loosing her to fade enough for me to view her photos and prepare this photo gallery.

Initially when walking Candy, we had her on a long lead - actually a piece of cord as we had not acquired a retracting type lead. One day I was walking her in a wood. Quite difficult with a cat on a long lead, so I let her off the lead. I found that, off the lead, she kept closer to me than she had on the lead. That's an effect probably the same with all cats - when connected to their owner, they stray to the end of their lead but when they must rely on their own eyes and ears to follow their owner, they do not tend to stray so far.

Click on a thumbnail for an enlarged view. Click on this for the full-sized photo - typically 7Mb.

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