Way back in the 70's I got married. As well as a wife I acquired a dog, Limbo, and 3 small step-daughters.

We soon bought a Siamese kitten, Zanna. Zanna soon bonded to everyone, including Limbo. The bond with Limbo was so strong that, when we took Limbo for walks, Zanna quite naturally came too.

We were intending to breed from Zanna. But she escaped, as any strong-willed Siamese on heat is likely to do unless you cage them, and her first litter, in June 1973, was therefore random, though all five were very pretty and full of character! Zanna's trust in us and Limbo was so strong that she asked us to help with the birth, and then when the kittens were born, Limbo helped clean them up!

But we were due to go on holiday to north Wales in our trailer tent. The kittens would be about 6 weeks old, so not yet weaned. What to do? We knew Zanna was fine in the car with Limbo. I also knew that young kittens would not stray from their mother, and they were already fine with Limbo. So the only thing we could do was to take Zanna and the kittens as well. So that is what we did! The pictures below show the result and you can imaging the stir that lot made at the camp site!

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We did breed a very successful pedigree litter from Zanna. But we had no proper cattery to contain her when on heat and with three young children around escape was all too easily. The strain of raising too many litters began to tell, so we had her spayed. Unfortunately we did not know she was in early pregnancy (nor did we know that spaying at that stage is dangerous). She died as a result, from internal haemorrhage.

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