Norfolk Broads: Cockshoot and Salhouse

The Norfolk Broads are best seen from a boat, of course. However there are a few places where a cat can enjoy a walk, We visited 30th April 2006 with our cat Candy: she was born 5th May 205 so was then not quite one year old, and pregnant! Regretttably she was killed on the road outside our house 27th May 2006. Age one year is about when most cats 'grow up' - their map of fow the world works tends to become fixed. Candy at this age had become quite nervous of strangers when on walks and we had to take care she did not hide somewhere unreachable! I had no doubt she would grow through this - she evidently enjoyed walks very much, but it meant we needded to choose sparsely populated walks - not a big problem at that time of year.

One such walks are at Cockshoot broad where there is parking opposir Horning (map refernce TG344 165) and a board walkdown to Cockshoot Broad which is a nature reserve: there is a bird-watching hide.

[image 1/P4300043/JPG]
River Bure near Horning
[image 2/P4300044/JPG]
Boardwalk to Cockshoot Broad
[image 3/P4300045/JPG]
Candy on the boardwalk to Cockshoot Broad
[image 4/P4300046/JPG]
Footpath to Salhouse Broad
[image 5/P4300047/JPG]
Walking Candy, our cat
[image 6/P4300050/JPG]
Candy in an oak tree
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