North East Norfolk

In March 2016 we took our two 6 month old Siamese cats for their first holiday. We spent 5 days near Happisburgh. These are photos of the walks we did with them and our dog Poppy.

Day 1

Before booking in we stopped off at Cart Gap. Now most cats don't like open spaces and beaches are potentially frightening. But not for these two! But they did prefer walking back to the car in the cover on the dunes.

Then we had a long walk round Bacton Woods. After that, the cats wanted to do what most cats do a lot of the time - sleep!

Day 2

Next day we did Cromer: cats on leads in a town can be a lot of work. There is a lot to investigate and many scares!

After Cromer, we went up to the Roman Camp which the cats loved.

Day 3

We started with a circular walk, parking at East Ruston, along the Weaver's way old railway line to Honing lock. Then along the North Walsham and Dilham Canal to Tonnage bridge. And so back via very wet tracks to the car park. Despite the extreme wetness, neither cat would let us carry them for long!

That afternoon we parked near Potter Heigham Church and did a circular walk on the Weaver's way along side Hickling Broad and back across the fens.

The two walks that day totalled over 9 miles and the cats seemed ready for still more!

Day 4

Next day, we did a long walk on Winterton Dunes, returning through Winterton Holmes, Holme Road and East Somerton.

Day 5

The last day, before coming home, we did Bacton woods again. Then stopped off at Heigham Bridge for a walk beside the river Thurne.

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