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Best paw forward! But the children are not so keen! The river at the beginning of the walk After a short moorland stretch, a gate into the wooded section. Woodland walk by the river
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The woodland walk Any fish in there? A natural bridge Out of the woods, to the ford.
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Wait for me! Oops, they left me behind! The ford Start of the second leg
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View over the moors. Up the hillside It was a wet August!
Soggy moggies!
The moors
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Near the end of the second leg Onto the moors A gated track On the moorland track
[image 22/20070815102742/jpg] [image 23/20070815102822/jpg] [image 24/20070815103238/jpg] [image 25/20070815103702/jpg]
On the moorland track Thirsty work!
Nice tasting water here.
The moors Heather
[image 26/20070815104322/jpg] [image 27/20070815104600/jpg] [image 28/20070815104604/jpg] [image 29/20070815105100/jpg]
And so back on to Wheeldale Road There's the car! Nearly there The car park, where sheep may safely graze!
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