Walks with our cats - a photo gallery

Since we both like walking, as do the cats, we tend to take them with us a lot. Unfortunately the the children do not seem to enjoy walking quite so much, which does limit our scope! Nowadays most of our walks are at our holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean there's a blog of our times there with the pets.

This list is (partly for my own benefit!) a list of walks we have done and where we have photos so which I can present on this www site. These walks are generally interesting photographically - as well as being nice walks, but are generally not so well known. One of the problems of taking cats for walks is that, because it is unusual, one tends to get stopped a lot, which can greatly slow progress. It therefore becomes more necessary to avoid very popular walks. Perhaps that's why I've never seen anyone else walking their cats - though I know of others do do so. If you walk your cat and want to add to the site, please use the contact button, or join the mailing list and discuss it.

It will take quite a time (and a lot of www space) to write these walks up and sort and process the photographs, but if you are interested, use the contact button.

Many walks are listed, with photos, near the cottage we own in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

In the list below I will give map references in the form (200 - SX 059 573) where

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