A wet cat
Xanna - Soggy moggy
A Bengal cat bleating at a seagull.
I want to catch a seagull!
A Bengal cat on Padstow quay.
a siamese cat on the wall at St Mawes.
Misty on the wall
A Bengal cat on the rocks at Holywell beach.
Xanna on the rocks
A Bengal cat looking cautiously at a carved owl.
What's that - an owl?
A Bengal cat on a tree trunk.
Xanna on a tree trunk
A siamese and a bengal cat walking together..
Best foot forward, girls.
A siamese and a bengal cat in the woods.
In the woods.
Bengal cat playing with water.
A wet Bengal cat.
That was wet!
A wet Bengal cat with her Siamese friend.
A little later.
Fish tank acts as a cat bed and and TV!
Fish tank, cat bed or TV?
A cat relaxing on top of a fish-tank.
Cat bed!
A Siamese cat relaxing.
Misty, relaxing
A siamese and a bengal cat on an aquarium
Misty and Xanna on the aquarium
A Siamese cat playing with a christmas tree.
Christmas is for cats.
A Bengal cat in a Christmas sack!
A cat for Christmas!
A Siamese cat in a christmas hat.
Santa's claws! - Misty
A siamese and a bengal cat relaxing together.
Girls together