Cat food ingredients

I have started tabling ingredients used in cat food. Clearly this is a never-ending task, so will never be completed. However I hope it will open your eyes to some of the junk food we feed our cats.

Ingredients may be there for several reasons:

At this stage I make no judgement - but may add a column later. In the meanwhile, any feedback or help compiling this list will be useful. Join the mailing list, above!

Each food has two columns, one listing the order in which the foods are listed: In UK major ingredients are listed first in quantity order. The second column quotes the percentages or amounts per Kg, if so stated on the ingredients list.

For more on pet food see Truth About Pet Food

A search for Palatants is also revealing.

Crown Pet Foods www site had a page on how kibble is made, now moved/removed. Truth About Pet Food site, above, has a more-revealing video

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