Walking with cats is a much more common thing than you may realise, but it does tend to be somewhat clandestine - for cats originated from a crepuscular ancestor, and they tend to like cover. So cat walkers tend to take them places where they won't meet many people or dogs.

I have had cats (and dogs) since childhood. Somehow, I have always been a cat person more than a dog person. For over 30 years almost every cat I have had has been taken for walks, just like one would a dog. Some of these cats have been Siamese (which are almost certainly the best choice if you want to walk with your cat) but many have been ordinary moggies! Here are some hints on keeping and walking cats and some anecdotes about cats, with plenty of photographs and details of walks. Enjoy!

Our two new kittens, Flora and Fauna (Born Aug 2015) both love walking!

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