Cats I have walked

The first cat I walked was in the 1970. You can read the story of how Zanna, our cat, and Limbo, our dog walked together.

Since then, I have had many cats, many of no fixed breed. Almost all have walked with us. This is alist of them.

Our cat, Zanna Zanna Siamese 1973-1977 The first cat I ever walked. Link is to her story.
Our cat, Corrie Corrie Siamese 1977--c. 1990 When Zanna died after being spayed, Corrie replaced her.
Our cat, Cleo Cleo Black Oriental 1990 Walked well (as will most kittens), but was killed very young (RTA)
Our cat, Fluffy Fluffy Moggy 1994-2002 Came on holiday with us and walked fine, but we had young children so did not walk her or Blackie often. She was killed by a car.
Our cat, Blackie Blackie Moggy 1995 - 2012 Fluffy's daughter, also walked fine, but because of a young family, we never walked her except as a kitten. At age nearly 17 years she deteriorated fast, almost certainly from aggresive cancer.
%%%% Candy Moggy 2005-2006 Walked, but started getting nervous with age. Killed age 1, when pregnant (RTA)
Our cat, Misty Misty Siamese 2006-2015 An excellent walker and very easy because when stressed she would shelter in a cloth shoulder-bag we bought. Link is to her as a kitten but see the page Walks with our cats for a lot more.
Our cat, Xanna Xanna Bengal 2006-2010 A failure! Not that she would not walk, but she was too independant to walk with us and would go off on her own! One day she wet off from our house and never returned.
Our cat Glinda Glinda half Bengal 2011-living A failure! Took her to Mildenhall wood. She would not walk, just sat still.
Cats Flora and Fauna Flora (right) Siamese, sisters 2015 - living Link is to their early story.
Fauna (left) Siamese, sisters 2015 - living. Link is to their first holiday. These two really loved walks when young, but became too headstrong with age.

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