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From October 1964 to April 1975 I was working for Sinclair Radionics: this was the time that Clive Sinclair was into Hi-Fi. Initially I was assisting with the design of such products as the Z12, Stereo 25, System 200, System 3000 amplifiers and then for much of this time I was either doing the servicing or was in charge of the service department.

There is a lot of fiction on the www about the reliability of various Sinclair products. I am in an unchallenged position to know the truth of this, what the problems were and why the products sometimes proved too unreliable, and what the cures were. I can add to this area of my www site as questions are asked. so please contact me as necessary.

When I left Sinclair Radionics, I was working with Bi-Pre-Pak designing audio equipment for them, then I was with PA:CE / MM Electronics on their stage mixing equipment. Then I left them to join Welding Alloys Ltd, designing their welding machines. Finally I started out on my own trading as 4QD, making motor speed controllers.

So if you have queries about the old products of any of these businesses - I may be able to help. Use the contact button!

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