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The whole www site is being moved. Hopefully you will not notice any change, but it will be very helpful if you report any broken links or other things that do not work. Thank you.

This is a selection of equipment I have to give away or sell. Some of it is free to a good home, some is open to sensible offers. All is in Burwell, near Newmarket and Cambridge.

Mobility Scooter / Buggy

Old but fully working and ecently overhauled mobility scooter.

Electronic and Electro-mechanical components

Having been electronics for over 50 years, I have now sold my business 4QD, but have a huge collection of electronic etc. components, which are for sale, or even free for cost of postage. These are gradually being listed in the Electronics Sale. Many of these are useful for some off the circuits in the electronics site I wrote - which was also sold with 4QD.

Computers, software, hardware, magazines, chips

I have a number of computers available, including an Acorn Electron, Acorn Pocket Book II (aka Psion Organiser) and BBC B microcomputer software. This is gradually being listed in the electronics section

Canon EOS 350D camera

Having upgraded to a Canon EOS70D, the Canon EOS 350D is now for sale

Audio equipment

Thorens TD124 turntable with SME arm and Shure cartridge

This was the reference hi-hi turntable when new and is still an excellent bit of kit - and a collector's item!
Sensible offers considered!

USB memory sticks

A large number of 500Mb memory sticks are available.

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