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Frequently asked questions

The answers here are all sorts of questions which you might ask. It will be expanded as questions arise. Some of these FAQs link elsewhere for explanations.

Other attachments

Attachments may be simply html copies of the email (not wanted, sorry), they may be data files (which might indeed be useful) or photos. Or they could be malware.

Useful attachments containing data which is of real interest to listers rightfully should be added to the www site and their presence announced to the list.

Malware attachments of course are not wanted.

Unfortunately there's no way the MLM can tell the difference between good and bad attachments, so the rule is 'no attachments'. If you have data you wish to publish on the www site (either directly or via the list) then please use the contact button to discuss it.

Bounced messages

You may get an email with the subject Messages from <ListName> to you have been bouncing. If you did, it's likely there is a problem with your ISP's spam filtering (some ISPs are bad at it and reject too many valid emails).

If you ever get this message then the problem has been fixed but of course, if the problem doesn't get fixed, then you won't get the bounce or any postings from the list!

At the end of the email, it will say (for example)

Here is the list of the bounced messages:


Using the numbers of the bounced messages you can have them delivered if you so wish. For each message you wish to have redelivered send an email to
So to get message 4 from TorrensList, you would send an email to
and so on, one email to be sent for every message you want redelivered.

Nomail subscription or I have several email addresses

You can subscribe from as many email addresses as you wish, but with standard subscription each would get list postings. Therefore there is another subscription address - the 'nomail' option. This is the same as the normal subscribe but with an extra -nomail in the address, e.g.

You can use these links to subscribe nomail.

Bann Valley listSubscribe
Torrens list Subscribe
Youghal list Subscribe

Changing your email address and/or Unsubscribing

To change your email address, unsubscribe the old adddress and subscribe the new one.
Use these links if you wish:

Bann Valley listUnsubscribeSubscribe
Torrens list UnsubscribeSubscribe
Youghal list UnsubscribeSubscribe

Excessive Quoting

When replying to a message you should only quote those bits of the message that are relevant to your reply. Delete parts which are not relevant. Your reply is hugely clearer if you do this. Other parts of the message are not relevant, everyone has already read them, so they are simply clutter making your point less clear.

This snipping may be a little more work for you - but it saves everyone else a lot of mental effort - and you are a considerate person, not a selfish one, are you not?

This thoughtful reply method actually makes emails a lot more pleasant to use and is the main reason why top posting (and bottom posting too) are a pain!

Formatting: why are my posts not formatted correctly?

Some email programs (Hotmail, to name but one) claim (in the email headers) to be sending Content-Type: multipart/alternative but do not. With this claim, they should be sending 2 copies of the email - a plain text version and an html version.

However the plain text version is really not readable. It is all on one line with no line breaks. Therefore in a text display, it does not appear correctly.

This seems to be another ploy by Microsoft to muddle software so that files generated by Microsoft do not render properly on other programs. They tried to do this with their www browsers, which have many faults so that improperly written pages render in their browsers: other software authors have had to duplicate these 'features' in their browsers.

MLM and MLMMJ: What do these mean?

MLM is an acronym for 'Mailing List Manager' - not a person but the software that automatically handles the mailing list membership and circulation.

MLMMJ is the name of the software used by this list. It is an acronym for 'Mailing List Manager Made Joyful' and has its own www site - if you are feeling technical. MLMMJ's www site.

Quiet: I have not any postings from the list for a time

The list does go quiet from time to time. However the problem could be at your end: many ISPs (Internet |Service Providers) have a very draconian attitude towards spam and stop you receiving emails you want: this is not what you pay them for! A good ISP should be able to reject most spam without rejecting good emails.

To check whether you are getting messages you can send a test email to If the channels are open you will get it returned to you with a message from our mailbot. If you don't get it back you need to check with your ISP why it is not working.

QUILA: what is it?

Short for QUote and In Line Answer. There is and example of how email should work using QUILA in my Netiquette guide.

List messages are getting trapped by my spam filters

Some members report they are having trouble receiving messages because over-zealous spam filter trap list messages as spam. Indeed, they may even trap the 'Please confirm' message you should receive when subscribing.

There is nothing that can be one about this on the list: if changing messages made them get through spam filters, the spammers would be ecstatic!

So the solution is to configure your filters to accept messages from the list. I cannot tell you how to do this, as the rules and methods of setting them will vary from one filter to another. However it is usual to have the filter look for a particular header and accept this.

If the spam filters are at your ISP, then they should have instructions available to explain how to set them. If the filters are local to your computer, you need to read the instructions for the program concerned.

All messages from the Bann Valley list have certain headers in common and any one of these should be usable as a 'white list' test for list messages:

In addition, every message from the list has a unique prefix in the Subject: header: either [Bann Valley] or [TorrensList] or as appropriate.

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