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The ZFC mailing list (ZFC@Torrens.org) is a mailing list without any defined subject: members are linked by past internet experience. In general, members are older and are long term computer users, mostly (but not exclusively) of RISC OS.

There is a site for members which gives information.

However it is a list that allows plain text only: any email sent to it with either html or other attachment will not be accepted.


To join the list you need to follow a few simple steps (which are very effective at keeping spammers off the list!):

  1. To subscribe
    send an email to ZFC+subscribe@Torrens.org.

    The email ideally should be empty: subject and body contents are ignored (so there's no point in explaining why you want to join the list!). In particular, it won't work unless it's plain text - so make sure html is turned off.

  2. Please confirm.
    You will get back a "Please confirm your request" email
  3. Confirmation.
    You reply to this email. The address to which this will request you reply is something such as

    It is very important that you check that your email program responds to the correct address here: some programs break the reply address at the +, - or = sign. This will not work!

  4. Final confirmation.
    If all goes well, you will receive back an email saying "Welcome to the ZFC Mailing list." You are now free to post to the list.

Frequently asked questions

There is another page answering some of the questions you may want answered.

List rules

There are few, but the few list rules that there are are listed separately.

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