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A www search for libretti will reveal many sources but what these all seem to lack is a way of printing out in booklet form suitable to accompany the CDs concerned. Several of the operas I have did not have accompanying libretti so I used various www sources to make a suitable booklet from which I could follow the opera. These are the results.

As they are for printing out in A5 booklet form you will need to get the appropriate software: this is a full-featured desktop publishing program the like of which you would normally have to buy for a large amount of money. Fortunately the program, Ovation Pro, is available as a completely free (but time-limited) trial version from David Pilling Software.

The CD image is available on Dave Pillings' site - and on the CD there is also a free reader only version of th software, which is not time limited.

If you do decide to buy the program, it is amazingly inexpensive for such a full featured program. It is also extremely easy to use, at least at a beginner's level. So printing these files out in the intended layout is actually easier than doing it from a pdf file. Please let me know if you find the resource useful - I may do more libretti.

These opera libretti were done for my own use so are to various standards. For instance, I could find no English translation of Wagner's Die Fliegende Hollander so the English is a Google translation. If I can find one, I will probably work it in.

One libretto was done because the original came as a virtually unprintable pdf file on the 'enhanced' CD. The file was protected so not easy to alter. That annoyed me - I like and am used to a proper booklet, not a pile of out-of-order pieces of paper. So I lifted the entire text out of the file supplied and rearranged it in a much more usable form.

Many of the others are capable of improvement - a task with which I can use assistance, so if you are interested in assisting, please contact me.

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