Ancient trees

On this page I will list ancient and notable trees, as find them, with photos.



Burwell is not notable for huge trees. Nevertheless there are a few notable ones.

Willow at map ref TL 5870 6610.
We measured this on Sunday the 24th of January, 2010. A whopping 5.2 metres around!
Willow tree

Ash tree at TL 5880 6615.
A very respectable 3.6 metres. Maybe it's younger than that figure suggests: it sits atop the Burwell springs so has a readily available source of water. The springs originally fed the moats of Burwell castle
. They now feed a small stream full of watercress
. It's now a public access area.
Ash tree at Burwell spring

Three horse chestnuts (and one beech) TL 5857 6643.
The three horse chestnuts are in a line on a green at Abbey Close, Burwell and are evidently of similar ages measuring 3.2m, 3.4m and 3.2 m. The beech is offset and measures 2.8m. Photos taken 30th January 2010.
Horse chestnuts at Abbey Close, Burwell
Horse chestnuts
Horse chestnuts at Abbey Close, Burwell
at Abbey Close, Burwell

Burwell Church
Not all measured yet, but there are three respectable horse-chestnuts (the largest measures 4.2 metres girth), a couple of beeches (one measures 3.1 metres) and some limes.


Forest of Dean

Welshbury Wood

Ancient Beech Tree in Welshbury wood
Ancient Beech Tree in Welshbury wood

Beech at map ref SO 678 153.
Listed as 5066 on the Ancient Tree Hunt site. Photo taken 12th September 2009.

Green Bottom

Green Bottom is evidently in a fairly well ignored as an area for timber production with the result that there ae some fairly significant trees around - though no real giants. So you can expect this section to grow.
Beech Tree of 4 metres girth at map ref SO 6739 1541
Beech at map ref SO 6739 1541
This tree measures a good 4m circumference. Photo taken 19th February 2010.
Beech tree at map ref SO 6720 1508
Beech tree at map ref SO 6720 1508

Not a giant, but significant. Not measured. Photo dated Feb 20th 2010
Large silver birch at map ref SO 6717 1509
Large silver birch at map ref SO 6717 1509

The tree was not measured when we took the photo (Feb 20th 2010) but is clearly old for a silver birch.

St Anthony's Well

The area of forest around St Anthon'y Well has a number of good-sized beech trees. These have not been measured. See walks - St Anthony's Well for location and map. Tree photos to follow!


Aspall Close

Aspall Close is an old park, now an English Heritage site, owned by Forest Heath District Council. Therare are upwards of 50 ancient oaks of girth 3 to 5 metres. There are photos in my walks with the cats site. Aspall close is at map ref TL 700 772.

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