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The whole www site is being moved. Hopefully you will not notice any change, but it will be very helpful if you report any broken links or other things that do not work. Thank you.

Forest of Dean: Books

If you have any books or other documents on the Forest of Dean. I should be interested in adding them to this list.

Other documents

Forest of Dean net has an area of various documents which are available for download.

The Forest of Dean

This is a very readable book: it is available from Google Books and via Project Gutenberg. However I have relaid it in format very close to the original and it is available in Ovation Pro format. Oation Pro is a full-featured destop publisher, but is availble for free for a 30 day trial. It may easily be printed out from O-Pro and I may be tempted to add how I roughlky bound this into a very useable book.

Download The Forest of Dean for Ovation Pro
Ovation Pro www site If you are intersted, please email me and I can make a pdf, either for reading on screen, or for prrinting (please state which).

Iron Making in the Olden Times

This also is available via Project Gutenberg and Google Books.

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